Rally Day Info

1.   Pony Club Rally Days

These guidelines have been written to help new and existing members become more familiar with our Pony Club.

Matcham Valley Pony Club runs rally days typically on the first Sunday of the month.

These rally days typically run from 8 am to 3 pm (Summer) 9am to 3pm (winter) with breaks for morning tea and lunch to allow riders and horses to rest. A full canteen, with tasty BBQ and fantastic coffee, is available.

Each rally day starts with a Troop Line where horse and rider combinations and gear are checked for safety. A summary of guidelines for gear is included in the following section.

Each rally typically covers 4-6 activities from horsemanship and horse care through to disciplines such as flatwork and hacking, show jumping, sporting, versatility, dressage and much more.

We offer Pony Club proficiency certificates and encourage all our members to progress through these certificates to continuously grow and improve.

Pony Club coaches are typically parent volunteers. They are not professional instructors, but parents with some riding knowledge and who have progressed through PCA training.

2.   Gear and Horse/Rider Combinations

All gear must be correctly fitted and suitable for the size and condition of the horse.  The Senior Instructor must be satisfied that all gear is comfortable for the horse and appropriate for the age of the rider.

Safety is of greatest overall importance.  Instructors and gear check stewards will check the channel of the saddle, throat lash, browband, poll strap, saddlecloth, saddle, reins, girth, stirrups, leathers, bit, and all other equipment. If in doubt, just ask before riding.

Some general rules to help;

  • Snaffle bridles are encouraged for use at all Pony Club training days. No bitless bridles are allowed
  • Spurs generally must be a ‘dummy type’ with their necks facing down, although rowel spurs and roller ball spurs are acceptable in certain disciplines.
  • Whips must have a leather keeper at least 5 cm long and 2 cm wide and must not exceed 70 cm in total length.  Hacking canes with or without a flap are allowed.
  • Girths must be 2 buckle or 3 buckle, or a girth and surcingle combination.  A single girth with no surcingle is considered unsafe and unacceptable at Pony Club.
  • Running martingales are allowed if used in conjunction with keepers (stops) on the reins, and an ordinary snaffle bit.  Standing martingales and attachments of similar nature are not permitted.  If in doubt check with the Senior Instructor prior to riding on the day.
  • Stallions, colts and rigs are not permitted at Pony Club activities, nor mounts which in the opinion of the Senior Instructor or their nominee are considered unsafe or unsuitable for a rider.  It is the rider’s parents responsibility to provide a safe and suitable mount for riders.
  • New riders or existing riders that have changed horses must be checked as a safe combination by the senior instructor before rally day commences. They must attend at least one Rally Day before attending any Zone competition. 
  • Lunging of horses must only be done in the designated round yard. Any person (child or adult) who is lunging a horse must use a Pony Club approved helmet and enclosed shoes/boots

3.   What to Take and Other Rally Day Rules

  • Children under 18 must have a parent/guardian present at all times
  • Parents are expected to help with set-up, pack-up, canteen, etc as required each rally day
  • The Gate to the main road must be kept shut at all times
  • No dogs are allowed off the lead.
  • Riders to take to each Rally day (or Inter club day) a water bucket for fresh water, a lead rope and halter, and sufficient feed for their horse. 
  • Riders may place their horse in one of the available horse yards. These yards must be cleared at the end of each day.
  • Horses are not to be attached directly to any fence, gate or motor vehicle.  Horses can be tied to horse floats but these must be fully attached to a vehicle.
  • Parking of horse floats is to be well away from the riding area’s with sensible distances between vehicles and floats to avoid any damage to horses or vehicles
  • Hand your attendance card to the club house at the beginning of each rally day (don’t forget to collect it at the end of the day!). This card is an important record of your attendance to assist with entering zone competitions and end of year prize giving.

Riders and Club members are required to abide by the PCANSW Codes of Behaviour and the Anti-harassment Policy. Common sense applies – be courtesy, offensive language is not tolerated, remember to be kind and encouraging to others and thank all the volunteers that keep Matcham Valley Pony Club ticking along!

4. Riding on the Arena

When riding in the arena it is important to understand specific rules to help everyone ride together in a safe way. These are posted at the entrance to the arena and included below

Welcome to Matcham Valley Arena

Arena Rules:
This arena is a shared riding space for financial members of MVPCand approved Grounds Members only
Please be aware that security cameras have been installed for monitoring purposes and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
NO objects are to be hammered or pushed into the surface
All droppings must be collected as soon as possible
No Lunging – use the separate round yard
No horse may be loose or turned out in the arena
Do not tie your horse to the arena fence (or other fences at MVPC)
Always alert any other riders before entering the arena
Slower riders, especially those walking, should ride on the inside track. Leave the outside track for faster riders
When passing front on, pass on the right (left shoulder to left shoulder rule)
If in doubt state your intentions, a friendly “inside”, “outside”, “I’m entering arena”  works!
Never halt on the outside track. Mount or dismount in the centre of the arena
Don’t ride too close to young/green horses, or novice riders, leave plenty of room
Stallions, rigs and colts are not allowed in the arena
Horses prone to kicking must wear a red ribbon in the tail

5.   Other Sources of Information about Pony Club

PCANSW Website

Matcham Valley Pony Club Facebook page



Zone 24 Facebook page